Hello, I'm Paresh Ravikumar

Growth Product Designer, Systems Thinker, Mentor

I love

Optimizing Conversions with Simple, Functional, and Empathetic Design Strategies

Solving complex system challenges with strategic growth thinking and X-functional collaboration

Working on end-to-end design process, from ideation to launch

Motion Designs

I love prototyping, it helps bring a design to life, stakeholders to visualize the product direction and above all, ITS FUN. I LOVE IT.

Skills offered

Elevating the team

Product Thinking

Specializing in end-to-end product development, I blend user experience design with strategic business insights to create engaging and effective solutions that resonate with target audiences.

Strategic Mindset
Empathy and User Research
Critical Thinking
Business Acumen
Cross-functional Collaboration
Risk Management
UX/UI Design
Visioning and Roadmapping

My approach in this domain is all about nurturing innovation. I turn abstract ideas into tangible designs, ensuring each concept is both imaginative and practically grounded for real-world application.

Idea Generation
Stakeholder presentation
Design Sprints
Iterative Designs
Rapid Prototyping
Interaction Designs
Visual Designs
Design Sprints
Brainstorm Workshops
Design Critiques

As a guiding force, I lead with a blend of strategic foresight and empathetic understanding. My focus is on fostering collaborative environments where creativity and efficiency thrive, driving projects towards their ultimate vision.

Visionary Thinking
Strategic Planning and Execution
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Conflict Resolution
Concept Rationalization
Effective Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Innovation Management
Quick Adaptability
Always learning

I am committed to continual growth, both personally and professionally. Staying adaptable and open-minded, I constantly refine my approach to design and problem-solving, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in an ever-evolving landscape.

Agile Methodologies
Usability Testing
Heuristic Evaluation
Affinity Diagramming
Competitor Analysis
Information Architecture
Journey Mapping
SWOT analysis
Opportunity mind mapping
Brainstorm workshops
Building empathy


Hello, I am a growth product designer with over 10+ years of experience in conversion optimization tactics, A/B testing strategies, building design systems, and driving product vision and strategy. I am passionate about creating digital experiences that embody simplicity and functionality, all while deeply rooted in empathy to connect with users truly. Outside of design, I capture landscapes, love to travel, eat food, and always enjoy a game of ping pong.

My core values

Think Simple
Work Together
Practice Empathy
Always Learning


Course Hero

Senior Product Designer (10 mo)

Mar 2023 – Present

Product Designer (3y) - Apr 2019 - Feb 2023
UX/UI Designer II (3y) - Mar 2017 - Mar 2019
UX/UI Designer (1y) - Mar 2016 - Mar 2017


UI Design Intern

Sep 2015 - Dec 2015


Product Design Intern

Mar 2015 - Aug 2015

University of San Francisco

UX/UI Designer and Web developer

Oct 2013 - Dec 2014


UX/UI Designer

Aug 2012 - Aug 2013

Aspelec Technologies

UX/UI Designer

Aug 2011 - August 2012

Freelancer - Ideaswired


Jan 2008 - Dec 2012

Let’s connect

Seeking new opportunities in Product Design

Are you looking for a seasoned Growth Product Designer? Whether it's about an open role, a collaborative project, or just a casual conversation, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am open to Onsite, Hybrid, and Remote work opportunities.