What Inspired My Journey in Design

My journey in design was sparked by a childhood encounter with a solitaire game, leading me to explore the realms of computer science and creativity. With a commitment to solving users' problems through innovative design, I transitioned from civil engineering to web development, embracing the multifaceted challenges of the startup world and making the world a better place, one design at a time.

Oct 21, 2015

Dec 7, 2023



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What Inspired My Journey in Design
My journey into the world of design can be traced back to a simple solitaire game that my father used to play at his office. One day, while he was momentarily distracted by a phone call, I took over the game, having never played it before. To everyone’s surprise, including my own, I managed to win. What struck me most about the experience was the elegance of the game’s design, the vibrant colors, and the way it captivated my attention.

This early fascination with design sparked my interest in creative endeavors, leading me to explore the world of computers. I began by drawing cartoons and crafting greeting cards, receiving appreciation from my parents and friends for my creative flair. During my 10th grade, I dipped my toes into web design using Microsoft’s FrontPage tool, which allowed me to create web pages and publish them on the internet. It was an empowering feeling that fueled my passion for both computers and design.

As I pursued my education, I encountered a pivotal moment when I couldn’t immediately delve into computer science for my undergraduate degree. Instead, I chose civil engineering, drawn by my proficiency in drawing and the guidance of my civil engineer father. Throughout my undergraduate years, I kept myself updated on the latest developments in computer science. I continued to create print designs, design t-shirts, and develop websites for faculty members and college events, ensuring that my design skills remained sharp.

After graduating from college, I embarked on a career in the construction industry, working at Larsen & Toubro, one of the industry’s giants. However, my passion for computer science and design continued to beckon. I made the decision to transition into the field of computer science, specifically focusing on design and web development. I acquired a certification in Java web component development and joined a startup in Bangalore as a Frontend developer. Those days at the startup were exhilarating; I relished every moment.

Working at a startup taught me a crucial lesson: versatility is key. I wore many hats, from web developer to client liaison and product marketer. Engaging with clients and being involved in various aspects of the business allowed me to identify core issues with our products — issues that often stemmed from a misalignment with user requirements. I sought guidance from friends at other companies, read extensively on requirements gathering and agile methodology, and, as a team, we made significant strides, leaving satisfied clients in our wake.

It was during this time that I delved deeper into the world of design. I realised that, regardless of how robust the backend is, a poor user experience could render a product ineffective. I applied my newfound knowledge to my freelance projects, achieving remarkable success.

What truly excites me in this journey is the process of crafting innovative solutions to address users’ problems. I revel in identifying these problems, exploring alternative solutions, and ultimately implementing the best ones. My thirst for learning and embracing new experiences remains unquenchable.

Throughout my career, I’ve held a steadfast goal in my heart: as a designer, my designs must solve users’ problems; otherwise, I consider it a failure. I persistently strive to provide the best user experiences, with the aim of making the world a better place, one design at a time.