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Simple yet meaningful experiences inspire me everyday.


Splitturns is a mobile application that makes it easy to manage cleaning schedule between roommates. All the shared tasks are grouped under one category and each member can easily keep track of the cleaning turn.

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iOS Music Player Redesign

After using the iOS Music player on my iPhone for several years, I find it really difficult to access albums or songs from the now-playing-screen. The iOS redesign focuses on an updated style that represents a modern approach to user experience and design trends.

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Whatsapp Material design

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app. The goal of this project was to step out of the standard app design and play around with material design.

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Dropbox Concept Redesign

Dropbox is a very powerful product that offers a cloud based storage for personal and business use. I have been using Dropbox for over 4 years now. I've always felt that the user interface is very outdated. After some user testing, here are the designs incorporating those feedback into the product.

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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. is the largest airline in Hawaii. It is the 8th largest commercial airline in the US, and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you want to book a flight ticket you always check it out online, to see the price, their website or mobile app. I happened to use their mobile application and the book-my-flight page was really outdated. I felt that the page could look much better in terms of aesthetics and also provide a much better user experience.

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PatientCare App

Patient Care application facilitates the monitoring of patients’ health for their caregivers. The app features a customizable task list for the patients, enabled with reminders, which enables them to track their daily chores and duties. The application also communicates the recent locations of the patient via a tracking mechanism enabled using GPS technology.

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A company that builds simple, smart and insightful technology and business solution is Option3consulting. They are expertise in supply chain execution, providing scalable and efficient solution to complex data integration problems. My task was to build a solid web presence to showcase their products.

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Motion Designs

Here is a peak of some of my motion design skills which I am learning now.

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There is not better way to capture beautiful moments then photography. So as I choose design to be my passion, I picked photography to be my hobby. I am a landscape and a wildlife photographer.

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